The Carolyn Edwards Scholarship

The Carolyn Edwards Scholarship  Finding meaning after the loss of our beloved Carolyn, co-founder of Foundation360 on January 5, 2018 is almost impossible. But we would like to honor her memory by creating a scholarship for the children relocated by the foundation, who demonstrate academic achievement.


Foundation360 is a recruiting organization that assists hard working and high achieving individuals find new jobs and relocate. Such individuals must be afflicted by a natural disaster or socio-political disaster that affects their daily living. We provide them and their families with financial support through our fundraising efforts, as well as guidance through a network of agencies and non-profit organizations like United Way. Our goal is to give them and their families a second chance in life.


Carolyn made a lasting impact in the first family that Foundation360 relocated  from Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. We know she is smiling down from heaven knowing that all four of the Cruz family teenage children have received honor student roll certificates from Atlantic Community High School in Boynton Beach, FL.


We would like to praise the children of the families that Fundation360 has assisted. Every March Children who display academic growth and a commitment to helping others at home/in their community, will be able to apply for a scholarship that will assist in their academic growth.  Thank you on behalf of Foundation360!


If you wish to apply for a scholarship please press on the icon below, fill out  the form and email to





If you wish to donate, we hope you find comfort & satisfaction in your contribution towards her greatest legacy, “her ability to make a difference.” The funds received on this page will go strictly towards towards the the Carolyn Edwards Scholarship.